About Us

We are a South Africa based company, with activities that cover all Sub-Saharan Africa countries.

We specialise in cost-effective solutions that encompass the strategic sourcing and related logistics and distribution (customs clearing, freight forwarding) of commodities, delicate products, chemicals, machinery, and equipment employed in the mining & metals, industrial and construction industries.

Qabula identifies itself as a procurement and logistics partner, and we pride ourselves in striving to deliver savings to businesses of all sizes, along their entire value chain; from manufacturing locations to points of delivery.

Qabula has the capability to seamlessly integrate logistics and supply chains where needed. We offer a total transport solution including delivery, offloading, warehousing, as well as stock and asset management expertise.

Through our extensive partners network of warehouse and storage facilities, Qabula is able to offer its clientele storage space located close to their customer base. This translates into reduced costs and enhanced service levels for our clients, as they meet the demands of their own customers.